Featured Customer

Great inexpensive car wash with dryers (almost completely dried my entire SUV). I only had to do a quick wipe with my microfiber and my car looks great!! They offer washes for $6, $8, & $10. They accept debit/credit cards and cash.

Margie May

Happy Customer

Happy Customers

For $4.00 and 10 minutes, you can't beat it. Has a separate area for vacuums and specialty cleaning products. Great DIY post wash experience for under $10 total!

Ryan K.


I wish there was one of these closer to downtown or the Eastside! Fast, easy, don't have to get out of your car. Two lanes and open late.



So glad I tried it today!!! Love it! Hahahaha was talking about it all day.

Jeanie W.


Quick and easy without damage to my car with their touchless car wash.

Andrea V.


Fast and easy with great locations around town. My Excursion and I were very happy with the wash options offered and the great prices!

Jonathan A.


The perfect balance of self and full service. After a weekend of trails in my truck, this is my lunch stop on Mondays. In and out quick, my black beauty turns heads left and right and I drive easy knowing she's looking her best.

Gibran G.


There's 2 options- touchless and touching car wash. Before I even went through the wash, some employees at the Splash N Dash lathered up their brushes and gave my SUV a good scrub down. I think that really helped.. it was like a prewash. I have taken it to other carwashes before and they don't do that step. That step is crucial, because they are able to see and scrub your car where an automatic car wash may miss several spots.

They also shined the tires. Excellent job.

I paid $13.. it was worth it. I know another place that charges like $25, but it's further from where I'm at, there's a longer wait time, and ,honestly, I don't feel like paying that much every week.My car is nice and clean. I also vacuumed the interior.

Jonathan L.


The service here continues to get better. A car wash never completely gets all the dirt off but this car wash employs people to do a quick touch up before the touches water and soap cleans your car.

Tom H.